Progress Update: Closet Transformation

Dark and dreary to bright and clean

When you live in a house while you’re renovating, it can be hard to stay motivated. At times, the daily reminders of all the projects that need to be tackled, in order to create the lovely space you’ve imagined, can be overwhelming. So sometimes you need to go for a quick win. We did this by taking the time to renovate a small space that not many people will see, a closet.

Crumbling plaster, holes and a musty smell from water damage prevented us from using this large closet in our upstairs TV room.

Lucky for us, most of the closets in the house are a good size (for 1800’s standards) and include built-in drawers with nice detailed hardware.

After patching the damaged walls and ceiling, we added bead board paneling to brighten up the closet, and avoid the mess of sanding and painting the plaster walls.

We added a light inside the closet which really makes it so much nicer! I can’t wait to do the same thing in our master bedroom closet, so I can actually see the clothing I’m picking out!

Focusing on transforming a closet can initially seem unnecessary or even a distraction from completing more important projects. But, it really made a huge difference and provided a much-needed sense of accomplishment, as well as a clean place to store stuff while we work on the rest of the house.

vintage detailed metal drawer pull

By transforming a closet from dark and dreary to bright and clean we actually felt more motivated to tackle the larger remaining projects like our kitchen. Every time we open the door and turn on the light we feel better about the progress we’re making.

tour de thrift swallow image

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