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LA’s Melrose Trading Post

vintage trailer selling at melrose trading post

Recently, we had a cross-country adventure. We helped our daughter move from NYC to LA! We didn't get to visit any thrift shops or flea markets along the way, cause we had lots of driving to ...


Meet The Shopkeeper

Jesse Speicher - Space Lancaster, PA

Jesse Speicher - Space, Lancaster, PA Meet the Shopkeeper is a new series here on Tour de Thrift. We go behind the scenes and interview folks we meet during our Tour de Thrift adventures. ...


Look At It This Way, Grantville, PA

look-at-it-this way vintage goods on display

We finally had the chance to follow-up on another recommendation from the folks at First Floor Attic in Annville, PA. Bill, the owner, had mentioned another shop that was a MUST see and after our ...